Kioto Solar

The Austrian KIOTO SOLAR factory has been developing advanced Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic systems equipment solutions, serving consistently the "Solar Industry" for 25 years.

Today KIOTO SOLAR is one of the leading system suppliers for solar thermal and photovoltaic solar systems. KIOTO SOLAR has a production capacity of 150 MW photovoltaic modules and 15.000 freshwater modules and stratified layer modules. KIOTO SOLAR products contain 100% quality "Made in Austria". From the first innovative ideas to the production process and the service - everything is 100% "Made in Austria".

We guarantee the highest quality and resource-efficient and highly automated production processes. Quality assurance is very important for KIOTO SOLAR, because only the best products assure our long-term success.

We work with the best solar power specialists and leading experts. We guarantee our customers the highest quality and consistent cost optimization using highly automated and resource-protective production processes.


Highest Quality Equipment